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News, 7/31/2018

A new Finnish food delivery company in the Czech Republic!


Wolt, one of the best Scandinavian food delivery services, with its easily downloadable smart application for food ordering, started operating in Prague last week. This Finnish company, which was established in 2014, has already over 900 000 registered customers and it operates in more than 25 European cities.

This company would like to show its quality, which has already been proved by many awards like Company of the Year at Nordic Startup Awards, at the Czech Market. The company adapted to the Czech Market pretty easily also thanks to their experienced international team.

The Wolt Marketing Manager, David Kratky, willingly answered a couple of our questions where he describes how Wolt works, how a new customer can order a meal and what obstacles a company has to overcome when it starts in a new country.  

Wolt App

What makes Wolt unique/special/different from other food delivery companies?

We have a really easy-to-use, Apple-awarded app. We partner with the greatest restaurants. We are fanatical about our customer support. If something goes wrong, we always have your back. And we’re a tech company at heart, which really helps us build a sustainable, efficient and profitable business that will be here for years to come.

How tough was it for Wolt to get to the Czech market and to deal with Czech bureaucracy?

Setting up our business locally was fairly straight-forward. Obviously each country has its own regulations which we always have to adapt to. Czech Republic was no different in that.

Is there a big competition for you at the Czech market, like Dáme jídlo, Rozvoz jídel, Jídlo pod nos and others?

Dame Jidlo obviously has a strong position on the market, however, we believe we’re coming with a very strong combination of benefits the people of Prague look forward getting used to - great app, great restaurants, short delivery times, great customer support. Only time will show what the situation will look like and how the competition will evolve, but we’re very optimistic and excited about the future.


Has Wolt recently expanded to any other cities except Prague?   

After Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Georgia and Hungary, Czech Republic marks Wolt’s 10th country, so we do look at it as a small milestone. Prior to Prague, we just launched Tbilisi in Georgia, as well as Budapest in Hungary. More countries to come, stay tuned!

Would you like to concentrate only on Prague or also some other cities in the Czech Republic?

Prague is the priority for now, considering that other city districts might follow in the next couple of months. Also, we definitely do look at other cities within the country, let’s see which one comes next!

How difficult is to make restaurants start cooperating with you?

Most of the restaurants are very happy to partner with us. The moment we show what the app actually looks like both on the customer and the restaurant end, they become super excited. Together with a truly friendly partnership approach, I think we’re offering a great mix.


How do you choose the restaurants you want to work with?

We only work with really great restaurants that have an interesting concept powering them. Is the restaurant within the delivery range? What kind of a cuisine is it? Would we want to go eat there? Do they have good reviews? Has a friend recommended the place? How do they package the food? These and many more factors are the ones we look at. Sometimes, we just go have lunch or dinner at a restaurant to assess whether it truly is a “Wolt restaurant” before actually contacting them.

Imagine that I am your new customer. How can I order food using your company? Is there any mobile phone application? Do I need to add my credit card number into it? What are the matters of payments that Wolt accepts? How fast can I get my food?

First, you can either go to or download the Wolt app for iOS or Android. After registering with some basic details and a credit card (we only accept card payments), you can start browsing through a selection of 45+ restaurants and make your first order from the one you like most! The user experience within the app is very smooth. We keep updating you every single step of the way: the moment the order has been sent, the moment the restaurant has accepted the order and a human being has seen it, the moment they started preparing the food, the moment it is ready for delivery, the moment a courier picks it up, and a few moments before a courier knocks on your door. After you’ve enjoyed the meal, you can rate both the food and the courier, so that we can collect your feedback and keep learning and improving. We partner with couriers that use bicycles, scooters, or cars to deliver the food, and the average delivery takes (from order to the plate) about 35 minutes. If you prefer not to choose delivery and rather pick the food up yourself, or eat directly at the restaurant, you can do that too. Oh, and if you're interested in becoming a partner courier, contact us here!

What are your goals for the first year at the Czech market?

We’d like to make as many people’s lives easier through a top-notch food delivery service, that has become a love brand in Scandinavia. We’d like to set a new standard of how people of Prague perceive online food delivery as a category, as well as to keep on offering and adding the greatest restaurants in more and more Prague’s districts, as well as Czech cities. Ultimately, we’re about saving time for people, so that they can spend it doing meaningful things they like doing and being with people they love.

Wolt in Prague

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Updated 7/31/2018

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