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News, 7/26/2018

Exhibitions in Zihobce

Village of Zihobce and Finnish Cultural Center Stella Polaris

On Saturday July 7, 2018, we had the opportunity to visit the picturesque village of Zihobce, where the unique Finnish cultural center Stella Polaris is located. The center is run by Mr. Ari Seppälä and Mr. And Mrs. Froulik who had organised a very beautiful cultural afternoon.

Ari Seppäla, Lenka Froulikova, Sonja Vectomov, Pavel Chaloupka

For us the day started with a meeting with the mayor of the village, Mr. Pavel Chaloupka. In his company, together with Mr. Ari Seppälä and his wife, we saw the local park, the castle with the nesting bats and the rest of the village. The mayor also introduced us to the history of the Lamberk family who lived in Žihobce castle for many years.

Michal Pitin, Pavel Chaloupka, Ari Seppäla

At the church we met Mr. Jaroslav Froulík and his wife, Mrs.Lenka Froulíková, who became our guides for the rest of the day. The whole afternoon was prepared and organized very well. The first vernisage of the sculptor Sonja Vectomov at the Stella Polaris started precisely at three o'clock. During the day we heard many beautiful speeches prepared by Mr. Seppälä, Mrs. Froulikova, Mr. Chaloupka and the author of the exhibition, Mrs. Vectomov. It was a relaxed cultural afternoon, that was carried out in a friendly spirit.

Jaroslav Froulik, Ari Seppälä, Michal Pitin, Pavel Chaloupka

The beautiful exhibition of bronze sculptures was accompanied by comments of the author, who was very pleased and willing to answer any questions.

Ari Seppälä, Michal Pitin, Sonja Vectomov

At four o'clock, we moved to the next vernisage of Mr. Lukáč Bradáček in the nearby Gallery Netopýr. Prior to the exhibition, Mrs. Froulikova introduced the author of the exhibition to the audience. The most appreciated  masterpiece was probably a sculpture "Duté hlavy" ("Hollow Heads").

Local Church Proměnění Páně

During the exhibitions, we had a chance to talk to the organizers of this cultural afternoon, which was attended by a very large number of visitors. At five o'clock, everyone moved to the local church for the final concert of Mr. Jaroslav Hutka, who performed for an hour and a half.

Great thanks for this day belong to the organizers of the event and all the participants. It was a great pleasure to come and participate and to see that Finland has the opportunity to be represented even in such a remote area. The exhibitions in Stella Polaris and Gallery Netopýr can be visited for a whole year. We are looking forward to the next cultural events arranged in Stella Polaris.

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