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News, 9/5/2017

An Exhibition on Roma Holocaust in Sered’, Slovakia

Through Miranda's Eyes poster

A Finnish exhibition displaying the holocaust of the European Roma, Miranda - the Roma Holocaust, is currently open for visitors at the Holocaust Museum of the Slovak National Museum in Sered’, Slovakia. It is part of the international tour Through Miranda's Eyes, supported by EU's Europe for Citizens program. Before Slovakia it has already been displayed in various countries in Europe, including Croatia, Estonia, Finland and Latvia. This popular exhibition has actively toured since 2012, and it has reached more than one million visitors. It is produced by the Creative Association for Arts and Culture Drom, led by the Cultural Counsellor Veijo Baltzar.

Even though nearly half of the European Roma people were killed during the Roma holocaust, this dark episode of the 20th century is still relatively unknown to general public. The Miranda Exhibition scrutinizes European recent history with the special focus on the Roma people and their culture. A true story of a Slovakian Roma girl Miranda, who was sent to a concentration camp with her family, stays in the core throughout the exhibition. The exhibition follows the events in Mr. Baltzar’s still unpublished book, which tells a story of Miranda growing up in the midst of the World War II. Mr. Baltzar interviewed Miranda in 2001, and this meeting inspired him to start the project.

The exhibition is also displayed in Budapest, Hungary and will be open for visitors in Czech Republic at the beginning of 2018.

Kulttuurineuvos Veijo Baltzar ja suurlähettiläs Helena Tuuri
Cultural Councellor Veijo Baltzar and Ambassador Helena Tuuri
Veijo Baltzar
Veijo Baltzar
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