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News, 10/5/2016

Shiraz Lane on tour with Lordi in Czechia and Slovakia

Finnish hard rock band Shiraz Lane will be the opening act for the famed Eurovision 2006 winners Lordi while they are on tour in Czechia and Slovakia October 9-22. We interviewed Shiraz Lane to ask a few questions about their upcoming shows.

You are a promising new Finnish band. How does it feel to be on a European tour opening for Lordi?

  • After the first week, being on the road feels great and this chance is a dream come true for all of us a step toward the next ones.  Lordi is a great band and they’re the best people to be on tour with. To be able to observe closely how they put such complex production together is also very instructing.

What do you expect from the hard rock scene of Czechia and Slovakia? Do you regard Czechia and Slovakia to be a fruitful market for Finnish hard rock music?

  • There are so many new things about touring and all the destinations we’re going, so it’s hard to think about expectations concerning individual countries or cities. We know nothing about the rock scene here, but we came to see how it is. I know that Slovakia knows how to rock! We’ve just finished our first show here as I write this.  There’s no doubt in my mind that it’s going to be the same in Czechia. There can be a fruitful market anywhere where they know how to rock.

Do you have a lot of fans in Czechia and Slovakia?

  • I’m sure there are some, but we can’t speak of legions yet. Hard work, that’s all it takes!

You performed last year in Japan at the Finland Fest – Loud & Metal Attack –festival. How does it feel like being the emissaries of Finnish hard rock music around the world?

  • This cope of the new emissary, which has bestowed upon us, feels really good on these shoulders and we’ll carry that with pride as far as possible.


Concert dates and venues:

09.10.2016 SK-Bratislava MMC

19.10.2016 SK-Kosice Mulltihala Sports Hall

20.10.2016 CZ-Ostrava Garaze

21.10.2016 CZ-Hulk Sports Hall

22.10.2016 CZ-Prague Meet Factory

Shiraz Lane
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Updated 10/13/2016

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