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News, 10/28/2015

Immigration Service updated its guidelines concerning Iraq

Press Release, The Finnish Immigration Service 20.10.2015

Security situation in many regions of Iraq has eased: Individual situation is decisive for Iraqi asylum claims, not the area of origin

The Finnish Immigration Service has updated its guidelines concerning Iraq. On the basis of the assessment, the security situation in many areas in Iraq has eased, which influences the decision-making in asylum matters at the Finnish Immigration Service.

The situation in Iraq is still difficult and the harsh living conditions pose an additional challenge in large parts of the country. Compared with the Finnish Immigration Service’s previous assessment, the security situation has eased especially in the Babylon Province and the City of Kirkuk. The security situation in Baghdad is still problematic, but all people who come from Baghdad cannot be considered to run a personal risk of falling victim to violence.

The applications for international protection are examined individually and decided on the basis of the person’s statement concerning personal persecution after considering the facts obtained about the security situation in different regions of Iraq and the available information.

The new assessment of the security situation in Iraq means that the applications are examined and decided individually having regard to the reasons cited by the applicants at their asylum interview and how they justify their need for asylum.

A person cannot be granted asylum only because he or she comes from a particular area.

The Asylum Unit of the Finnish Immigration Service re-examined the guidelines using the up-to-date information from its Country Information Service. The internal situation in Iraq varies in different areas. The Finnish Immigration Service continues to follow the situation and pays close attention to any changes.

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Updated 10/28/2015

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