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Frequently asked questions

Taking pets to Finland or the Czech Republic

Taking cats, dogs and ferrets to Finland is subject to general European Union export regulations. Additionally a certificate on treatment against echinococcus is required. The animal's owner has to present the following documents when entering the country:

  1. Identification marking
  2. Certificate on vaccination against rabies
  3. Pet animal passport
  4. Certificate on treatment against echicoccosis

Additional information is available on the website of the Finnish Food Safety Authority (Evira)

The echinococcus certificate is not required in the Czech Republic.

EU citizens' residence permit and registration duty in Finland, or the Czech Republic (applies also to citizens of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland)

Information on residence permit and registration duty in the Czech Republic can be found on the websites of the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic and the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Helsinki. In Finland, the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri)offers additional information on its website.

Interpreters and Translators

A list of sworn translators in Finland is displayed on the Ministry of Justice website. You are also welcome to ask the Embassy.

Automobile travel in Finland and the Czech Republic

There are no road tolls in Finland.
When using highways in the Czech Republic, you need a vignette on the wind-shield of your car. Vignettes are sold at customs and petrol stations.  The Czech Republic is about to introduce a separate lorry (truck, bus) toll. For more information, see the website


In Finland marriage can be concluded e.g. at the Municipal magistrates or by entitled religious communities.

For more information about the situation in the Czech Republic see the web sites of the Ministry of Interior (Czech language) or you may contact:

Municipality of Prague
Registry Department
Vodickova 18
115 68 Prague 1
tel. +420 221 097 469, +420 221 097 296
fax. +420 224 216 088


Fishing in Finland

Recreational fishing is very popular type of activity in Finland. When you want to fish in Finland, you have to buy fishing licences and pay pure-fishing fees. However some types of fishing are free of charge. For further information in English language about fishing, especially for fishing licences and pure-fishing fees click the virtual Finland and the Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry sites.

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