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News, 5/29/2017

Finnish wood-based innovations are solving global challenges

The publication “Wood-Based Bioeconomy Solving Global Challenges” of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment introduces radical wood-based product innovations that provide solutions to problems caused by global warming and waning natural resources.

Wood raw materials contain ingredients that have only recently been detected and developed for new uses. Examples include the first biomedical solutions and the production of bioenergy from process waste. Wood-based textiles may at least to some extent in the future free cotton fields to food production globally. The development of fire resistant structural elements of timber and pre-fabrification of wooden blocks of flats enable the breakthrough of multi-storey wooden buildings.

The articles in the publication convince the reader that the forest industry in Finland is a forerunner in the bioeconomy in global context. The forest sector has traditionally played an important role in the national economy of Finland and over 80 per cent of the land area is covered by forest, representing the highest coverage in Europe.

The publication reminds us about the key role of consumers. Environmental aspects and the idea of sustainable development play a more and more crucial part as consumers choose their lifestyle, products and services. This trend can be strengthened by means of environmental legislation and regulation. New wood-based products can respond to the challenges, whether they are in the field of foods, packing materials or wood-based fibres replacing cotton in the clothing industry.

The publication “Wood-Based Bioeconomy Solving Global Challenges is available on the MEAE´s website as a PDF download on this address

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Updated 6/21/2017

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