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News, 4/12/2017
Luonto Shop

Czech students competed on their knowledge of Finland

Pupils of FZŠ Mezi Školami elementary school had the chance to try some Finnish delicacies after winning a school competition organized by a Finnish specialty shop LUONTO s.r.o. Studio LUONTO is a premium class boutique in Prague, importing and selling design, cosmetics and organic gourmet from Finland.

Luonto Shop 2

In this competition held to honor the 100th Anniversary of Finland’s independence, pupils from various elementary schools showed off their creativity and knowledge by illustrating their personal vision of Finland. Submitted work included skillfully composed artwork portraying Finnish nature, Nokia, the President of Finland, and many more unique representations of “Finnishness”.

Pupils of FZŠ Mezi Školami were recognized for their elaborate artwork with 2000 cups of JYMY ice cream, a Finnish delicacy voted “Best New Organic Food Product in Scandinavia” in 2015.

Luonto Shop 3

The Embassy of Finland was very pleased to attend the event on Monday 10th of April in which the winning school received their prize for their hard work and their outstanding knowledge of Finland. In this joyful event the pupils had a discussion about Finland and Finnish food, while sampling some of the many flavors available within the JYMY organic ice cream product range including a more unusual flavor very popular among Finns – licorice.

We will be publishing some of the works of art by pupils of FZŠ Mezi Školami on our Facebook page in the days to come:

Luonto Shop 4
Luonto Shop 5
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Updated 6/12/2017

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