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News, 12/1/2016

Finland Offers Many Opportunities to Grow Your Business – Ambassadors Jukl and Tuuri Discussed Commercial Relations at the ICC Seminar

Finland offers a lot of business opportunities for Czech companies, and vice versa. The countries are natural trading partners for a number of reasons. The short distance between the countries and the shared position in the common market are among the many things that are favorable towards the perfect business relationship.

ICC Seminar

Ambassador of Finland to the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Mrs. Helena Tuuri met with the Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Finland, Mr. Ivan Jukl at a seminar organized by the International Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic in Prague on November 28. The seminar, titled “Territorial Meeting Finland”, offered the participants new horizons on the commercial relationship between the two countries and new ideas on possible business opportunities for Czech companies in Finland. Other speakers were Mr. Karel Machotka, Executive Director of ICC Czech Republic, Mr. Michael Nejedly, Head of Trade Finance of the Czech Export Bank and Mr. Jan Vosmanský from the Foreign Economic Policy Department of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

ICC Seminar

During his speech, Ambassador Jukl noted that Finland is one of the top countries for competitiveness. He described the Finnish market as likeminded to that of the Czech Republic with little market disturbances. Finland is focused on quality as are other Nordic countries, he stated. Mr. Jukl also noted that Finland has the best functioning institutions in the world and raised his admiration for the educational system describing it the best export article of Finland.

Citing recent examples of co-operation, Ambassador Jukl noted that Škoda has made recent investments in Finland and brought up the fact that the new metro lines in Helsinki are being constructed with Czech business involvement.

Regarding future market opportunities for Czech companies, Jukl stated that the construction of new nuclear power plants might bring co-operation in that field. He also brought forth the vision that the upcoming demographic change brings about a huge market for software and gaming industries. He sees opportunities in Finland for Czech manufacturers of cars as well as thermal pumps. Mr. Jukl also stated that as Finnish territory is mapped extremely well, the future might bring business opportunities for mining industry as well.

ICC Seminar

Ambassador Tuuri in her speech noted that the political relations between our two countries are good and we have many shared interests. The Czech Republic and Finland have many similar views, for example regarding the need for unity in the European Union and the support for free trade. The Ambassador reminded the audience that both countries are similar in their economic structure as well, as both countries are export-oriented.

Although companies might long for distant markets, it is safer to begin operations inside the EU, stated the Ambassador in her speech. The common market with no tariffs or boundaries makes it very easy to expand businesses to other countries. The short geographical distance between the Czech Republic and Finland is very helpful in this regard. Ambassador Tuuri confirmed Mr. Jukl’s remarks about Finland being a safe business environment and stated that Czech products are known in Finland to be of good quality and with a good price.

Ambassador Tuuri emphasized also the historical and cultural unity between Finland and the Czech Republic. As next year witnesses the centenary of independent Finland, only a year later it will be one hundred years since the independence of Czechoslovakia was declared.

ICC Seminar

During their closing remarks, Ambassadors Tuuri and Jukl both emphasized the growing importance of small and medium-sized enterprises in the economy. Ambassador Jukl noted that the only way to compete and be successful in the world is by being innovative. Both Ambassadors concluded that Finland is a friendly environment for presenting new ideas.

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