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News, 11/22/2016

A Czech extreme cyclist defies the harsh winter conditions of Lapland

Winter in Finnish Lapland has a lot to offer. For instance, one can pay a visit to the Santa Claus Village, go skiing or just relax and enjoy the beautiful Northern lights. For those with an adventurous mind and experience in winter races or traverses – like the young Czech mountain biker Markéta “Peggy” Marvanová - there is also the Lapland Extreme Challenge that runs through the Finnish Lapland wilderness in February-March 2017.

Photo: Markéta “Peggy” Marvanová
Peggy Marvanová

At the age of only 18 Marvanová won the annual 1000 Miles cycling race across the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Since then she has taken part in a number of contests around the world. Marvanová, who specializes in adventure racing, will take part in the Lapland Extreme Challenge in 2017 together with her partner. They took part in the challenge also in 2016.

Photo: Markéta “Peggy” Marvanová
Markéta “Peggy” Marvanová

Those participating in the Lapland Extreme Challenge have 30 days to travel approximately 900 kilometers. The participants can choose their own gear and route, but they are required to check in at some mandatory checkpoints. The temperature at this time of year can reach as low as -35ºC. Since the beginning of the yearly challenge in 2013 no participant has so far been able to successfully finish it.

Peggy Marvanová told the Embassy of Finland in Prague about her love for racing and the preparations underway for the Lapland Extreme Challenge 2017.

Peggy Marvanová:
“I see these adventures as something that fulfils my life and gives me a feeling that I am truly alive. I have visited Finland a couple of times and Finland’s beautiful nature shows me every time who rules the world. Respecting and being in harmony with nature is an entire lifestyle for me. I am eager to share this notion with others. I usually connect my project with a charity project in order to be as helpful as possible.

At the moment, we are getting ready for another attempt to finish the longest trail of the Lapland Extreme Challenge, which is a real challenge for us. We tried it in the spring 2016 on snow bikes but due to bad weather conditions we could not finish the trail. Currently, we are in the middle of preparations, searching for sponsors and partners to support us with the necessary equipment. That is what takes almost all our free time now as we would not want to underestimate anything and we want to face this challenge with all respect, humility but resolution.”

Photo: Markéta “Peggy” Marvanová
Markéta “Peggy” Marvanová

Photos: Markéta “Peggy” Marvanová’s collection
Peggy’s website:
More on the challenge: . Registrations are open until December 31st.

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Updated 11/22/2016

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