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News, 10/16/2015

Finnish Light Installation at Signal Light Festival

Finnish artist Kari Kola's light installation will be visible at Prague's Signal Light Festival until 18 October.

Magical Garden by Kari Kola<br/>Location: Střelecký ostrov <br/>The installation lights up at 7:00 pm and switches off at midnight.
Magical Garden by Kari Kola
Location: Střelecký ostrov
The installation lights up at 7:00 pm and switches off at midnight.

Magical Garden was created by the Finnish master of moving light effects. This installation on Střelecký Ostrov is based on dynamic lighting, strong colours, and a meditative tempo, which together form an intense atmosphere that penetrates even the farthest corners of Prague. Its calm setting is created by a musical accompaniment specially composed for this occasion. Residents of Prague and its visitors will be offered an unusually grandiose view of an island otherwise cloaked in the shadows of trees, which will be transformed for four nights in October into a Magical Garden.

Kari Kola is Finnish artist, who specialises in working with light and sound. His production includes everything from elements of dance performance to outdoor installations. His work adapts to various locations, and his lights have illuminated parks, churches, and bridges, even a closed mine. Kari Kola has participated in hundreds of festivals and artistic projects both in Finland and abroad. Indeed, his internationalism is an integral part of his work.

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